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About us

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Living by the sea in this most beautiful part of the country, we are perhaps more aware than most of the damage done by plastic pollution to our coastline & rivers, let alone the wider impact on the environment.

A few years ago, when I first started my own journey to reduce waste, I challenged myself to do my weekly supermarket shop avoiding buying products packaged in plastic. If you’ve ever tried this challenge yourself you will know how frustrating and virtually impossible this is!

But where to start? And surely my own little change of habits wont make any worthy inroads into the global problem of plastic pollution? Well, if we all make just small changes initially then collectively we really can make a difference and herein lies the ethos of Two Rivers Refill, your new independent destination for plastic-free shopping.

Our ever expanding stock includes household and personal liquid refills together with dried foods such as pasta, rice, flour, cereals, nuts, herbs and spices, delicious fresh bread from Bakehouse 24, seasonal fruit and veg and a wide selection of lifestyle products; all with the emphasis on local makers and suppliers.

We have paper bags and donated jars and bottles for dispensing, however, we encourage you to bring your own containers, gradually building up a selection.

And it doesn’t have to be those very smart Kilner-type jars (which do look very nice on a kitchen shelf!) – re-used take-away tubs can be equally effective.

Re-used plastic is ok to get you going – ‘single use’ is what we want to avoid! And you’ll find that it all becomes rather addictive and the ‘new norm’ for an ever increasing range of products, giving a real sense of satisfaction as you reduce your plastic consumption.

Together we can all ‘do our bit’ for the environment.

We look forward to seeing you at Two Rivers Refill!

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